GT Motorsports Ltd | Rally Engine Machining

Engine Machining by Graham Sweet

Machining work Subaru Engines

Head and block skim

Rebore cylinder liners

Bronze fire ring conversion in cylinder block (closed deck only)

Cylinder Head O ring conversion for all versions of heads

Machine centre and rear thrust standard bearings and 4 piece WRC centre thrusts

Line bore cylinder block

14mm and 12mm stud conversion

Fit new cylinder liners, steel in any Subaru block or Nikasil just in closed deck Subaru block

De-squish cylinder heads

Make new Subaru WRC cylinder heads GPA, up to S14 spec

Machine for high lift cam clearance in cylinder heads

Fit legris fittings into block and supply fittings

Bucket bore for larger 35mm bucket shims

Cam bore for later WRC cams

Closed deck cylinder block converted to WRC spec with steel liners or Nikasil liners

Many other repairs and parts including welding most materials.